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The summer my parents lost their marriage
like so many magnets kicked under the refrigerator,
my cousin and I named trees after babysitters
we never had. We lived in our bathing suits,
washed our hair in pond water and sunburned.

(Once, my mother slammed the screen
door so hard, I comforted the hinges.) I taught
my cousin how to make face paint out of spit
and dirt. She taught me to swim underwater.

(Once, I found my father weeping on the bed
they did not share anymore.) On the green carpet
of summer, we played until the cicadas, dressed
in dusk, called us to dinner. We kissed goodnight
and I ran home barefoot in the dark.

(Once, I sat between my parents and placed their hands
in my lap like a seatbelt. I do not remember this.)
To this day, walking at night on that creaking road
still reminds me of wolves. By Sierra DeMulder, Misplacing Their Ring Fingers

The Creative Routines Of Influential People In History, an Infographic by RJ Andrews based on Mason Currey's book titled, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work.

View the complete infographic here via infowetrust.com

Vintage Blueprints for Famous Inventions by Oliver Gal Artist Co

Oliver Gal’s artists have done an amazing job of recreating the authentic blueprint applications of a number of world-changing products, from the Harley motorcycle and the revolver, to the surfboard and Gibson guitar. In addition to the deconstructed sketches, the prints provide information on the inventor, the date the patent was filed, and sometimes includes a short description.

Website: www.olivergal.com

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